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ICloud trademark registration updated and now even covers smart glasses

You may not remember, but run to a not so recurring rumor that cites the possibility of Apple coming out digital glasses focused on augmented reality (and / or virtual reality).

We spoke about this for the first time in January 2016, in an article that covered Apple's growing investments in this field. THE Bloomberg returned to the subject at the end of last year, and recently there have even been reports of an alleged partnership between Apple and Carl Zeiss for this project.

Now, more fuel for the fire: Apple updated the iCloud trademark registration including coverage for some additional segments, including smart glasses and accessories for use on the head.

This in itself could be just a consequence of all this movement that Apple has been doing in AR and VR, without necessarily having to do with any new hardware itself. However, adding the novelty to everything we mentioned in the links above, is that flea behind the ear.

After all, playing with all the magic of ARKit on iPads and iPhones is already sensational. Imagine, then, a device created with that in mind.

via Patently Apple