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How to make extra income on Uber: complete guide

Driving on the right Uber source to earn extra money. That is, learning how to make extra income on Uber is one of the most profitable paths you can take.

You certainly know someone who has lost their job in recent years and is using Uber to make up for the lack of salary. But you don't need to be unemployed to have extra income driving through the app.

Having how to make extra income on Uber is interesting especially for those who don't like the idea of ??working at home. If you are one of those people, then stay with us for a few more minutes.

Throughout the article, we will show you how to register to become a driver on Uber, show how much on average an app user can bill per month and some important tips to optimize your income.

So check out this complete guide on how to make extra income on Uber!

What do you need to be a driver on Uber?

Before completing your registration, both you and your vehicle must meet certain requirements. See below what you need to have to register as an Uber driver.

  • over 21 years;
  • Definitive driver's license (CNH) type B, with the remark "exercise paid activity". If you do not have it, you can request the update from your state's DETRAN;
  • Criminal record attestation.

Your car must also meet certain requirements, or your registration will not be approved. Just them:

  • Model from the year 2008;
  • 4 doors and 5 seats;
  • Air conditioning.

It is worth mentioning that they are required for the basic category Uber X, the most used. At Uber Select, your car must be at least a 2012 model or newer. Uber Black the most demanding. In addition to the previous requirements, it must also have leather seats, be black and only Sedan or SUV models.

Now, see below how to register.

How to register as a driver on Uber?

1 – Download Uber for drivers on your Android or iPhone;

2 –Touch the buttonRegister;

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<p><strong>3 –</strong>Enter your personal information according to the form and click<strong>Continue</strong>;</p>
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Tip: if any driver has recommended you to learn how to make extra income on Uber, ask for your referral code so that both will receive a reward.

4 –You are already registered as a driver at Uber. Now, enter your email and password to start the process of sending documents;

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<p><strong>5 –</strong>On the first screen, select the city to go to work;</p>
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