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How to Make Extra Income on iFood: Complete Guide

Even without hiring a single delivery person, iFood can be considered the main delivery company in the country. With an extensive network throughout Brazil and working in a similar way to what we see on Uber, it offers more comfort and options for those who want to eat something different without leaving home. It is also a possibility of extra income for those who have a motorcycle or bicycle available.

If you have such a vehicle and are studying to learn how to make extra income on iFood, then you will definitely want to stay for a few more minutes. In the next few lines, let's talk a little about the application, how much you can earn money on it and a step by step to create your registration and start making deliveries.

Working at home standing in front of a computer is not an option for you, check out the guide below!

What is iFood?

Founded in 2011, iFood has revolutionized the way we order food by delivery. Before him, restaurants had their own delivery service, hiring exclusive motorcyclists to deliver.

In addition, the company has enabled restaurants to increase the reach of their deliveries, which can be made directly by the application, without the need for an attendant to process orders. That is, you place the order at home using a few keys and it is already registered in the restaurant system and paid on your credit card registered in the app.

This is the part that explains how it is convenient for users. Now, we'll talk about how it can help other users make money from apps.

IFood also allows restaurants to outsource their deliveries to independent professionals. That is, you can register in the application even if you are not a restaurant employee. If so, there is no problem: you can register and work exclusively for the establishment that hired you.

Now comes the question that everyone asks themselves: how much does a delivery person who wants to learn how to make extra income on iFood earn? We will answer that question in the next section.

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<h2>How much does a deliveryman earn on iFood?</h2>
<p>Like all delivery and transportation applications, the amount you will receive depends considerably on the time you work and the time it is available. For food delivery, for example, it is ideal to take advantage of the night part of the weekends or the lunch time in commercial places, where there are usually peaks in delivery.</p>
<p>An iFood delivery man gets, on average, 7 to 15 reais per trip, depending on factors such as order density, delivery time and distance. A deliveryman who makes 5 trips and invoices an average of R $ 11 for each one, for example, gets R $ 55 per day.</p>
<p>If he chooses to work 6 days a week, at the end of the month he has worked 24 days a month. Multiplying the average daily rate shown above with the number of days, the monthly income of this delivery man was R $ 1,320.00.</p>
<p>In other words, it may not be the ideal option to have a job – unless you can make more trips a day! – but it certainly brings significant income.</p>
<h2>How to make extra income on iFood: registration</h2>
<p>The first step for those who want to make extra income on iFood is to download the platform delivery app, available only for Android. Then, follow the steps below.</p>
<p><strong>1 –</strong>Click the link to download the app;</p>
<p><strong>2 –</strong>Touch<strong>Register</strong>. It is worth mentioning that, if you have a registration in the delivery app, you still need to make a new registration there;</p>
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