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Home office? Discover tips for working from home and circumventing the coronavirus

The coronavirus is coming with power in Brazil, so, discover some home office tips for you who are working from home

The world is going through a time of trial with the pandemic of coronavirus COVID-19. In Brazil, the government revealed that more than 301 confirmed cases of coronavirus COVID-19. The forecast is for the number to double every three days, so the virus will not pass quickly through our Brazilian lands. Until the afternoon of last Monday (16), 234 cases were being registered. The first death by coronavirus happened in So Paulo.

Contact with other people presents itself as a risk, as the virus can be transmitted by sneezing, coughing or a simple greeting. Precisely because of the current scenario, some private and public companies decided to release the employees to do home office, or tele-work.

THE Glassdoor one of the companies that decided to release employees to work at home. According to the company's vice president in Latin America, Luciana Calleti, the possibility of home office was already offered to employees, however, it has now become a preventive measure.

I imagine that it will have a great impact to break paradigms and prejudices that existed within the culture regarding this. Many companies can learn and decide that (the home office) does not work, others may decide to adopt forever, Luciana Calleti, vice president of the company in Latin America.

Home OfficeEstablish a routine, as if going to the office, essential during the home office

Showmetech brings you some tips to get more out of your home office during this care period:

1 – Structure required for the home office

Can your necessary work material stay at home? Not everyone can work in the comfort of their home, but whoever has this privilege should be aware of the structure they need to finalize their demands. Companies that recommend the home office should offer everything for employees to do their job in the best way, such as a computer, smartphone or other items, depending on the profession.

2 – Establish a working day

Remember, it's not because you're at home that you can use your time to do anything. It can be great to use freedom at home, but it can also become a problem if you don't know how to manage your time.

Apply your discipline to create a work schedule and do it as if you were going to a company. That is, get up early, set your times and establish a routine for your work days at home.

3 – Use online platforms

You can organize your life in different ways to create a good routine during the home office period and, fortunately, online platforms can help you. O Trello, for example, a great project management tool, dividing your tasks into tables with defined times. You can choose to set up your own organization, or share the platform with your boss. This way, he can create demands and Trello will send notifications whenever there is a change in the board.

If you have not adapted to the Trello, don't worry. There are several management tools available on the market, such as Taskworld, Todoit, Microsoft To Do, among others.

4 – Make video calls

If you need to hold a meeting with employees of your team, external customers or other people, prioritize making video calls. So you don't have to argue with your boss Whatsapp because of a text message you didn?t understand and you don?t have to leave the house either.

It is possible to use several communication programs, such as Skype, Google Hangouts, Facebook and Whatsapp.

5 – Routine to keep health up to date

Since you are "stuck" at home, you are probably unable to perform the same everyday physical activities as walking to work or going to the gym. So take time out of your day to walk around the house, stretch your legs and, if possible, do physical exercise.

Pouring water into a glass

Another important need is to maintain a healthy diet and to eat a variety of foods. And of course, don't forget to drink water constantly.

6 – Organize your mess

This is a very important tip for your mental health during the period you are going to work at home. Whenever there is time and it is possible, organize your house so that it doesn't get too messy. A disorganized and dirty work environment interferes with our comfort and, consequently, can decrease our productivity.

7 – Don't work all the time

Another problem that ends up happening with many people who make home office the habit of always working. When the office is a home environment you are at work all the time, but it does not mean that you must work all the time.

Take breaks during your journey and take advantage of the time you are at home to do other activities, such as cooking, reading and enjoying the time you did not get when you go to work away from home.

8 – Be sure to socialize

Currently, making contact is not a good idea, however, we need to socialize in some other way. So be sure to chat and send messages to friends, family and other loved ones.

Leaving socialization aside can have negative effects, such as depression and loneliness. Not because you are at home, you must be isolated from the world. If possible, keep the same routine of socializing with the people around you, however, through messages, calls, video calls and other means via the internet.

9 – Take off your pajamas

You do not need to wear a suit or wear the same clothes that you used in person at work. However, it is also not a good option to wear pajamas all day. When this type of clothing is chosen, your brain can understand that you are still at home rested, and thus your routine may end up becoming more unproductive.

Wear light and ordinary clothes, such as shorts, slippers, shirt, t-shirt, among others. Of course, if you believe that wearing your everyday suit will help, make yourself feel better.

10 – Know your peak productivity

Working at home can cause several changes, including employee productivity. Perhaps, you will realize that the full time of your work does not work as well as in the company. After a few days of home office, notice at what time your peak productivity is and see if this happens repeatedly.

If there is a possibility, talk to the boss and temporarily change your work schedule to peak times. For example, if you find yourself working better at night, focus on your nighttime skills.

Source: Exam and G1