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Gmail for iOS gains new look and now lets you cancel sending emails

Good news for anyone who uses Gmail and has a iGadget. After almost eight months without receiving an update, the official Google email client app for iOS has gained the attention it deserves.

Gmail app icon: Google email

Using and abusing Material Design (visual identity of Google products / services), Gmail now has smoother transitions and great features like unsubscribe (goodbye, embarrassing mistakes), instant search results with spelling suggestions and the ability to swipe to archive / delete .

Reading like this may seem little, but, as Google itself made clear, we are talking about the biggest update of the app in almost four years.

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Taking advantage that we are talking about Google, the Schedule (Calendar) also got a nice update.

Google Calendar app icon

We can now view the weekly or monthly calendar in landscape mode, add non-Gregorian calendars (such as lunar, Islamic or Hindu) and we support native iOS search (Spotlight) for events, reminders and goals.

If you subscribe to Google Apps for Work from G Suite, you can now find times and book rooms (add co-workers as guests to your event and Google Calendar will find the best times and rooms for your meeting).

Although it shouldn't be an easy task to maintain the amount of apps that Google has on the iOS platform, some of them are too important to stay that long without news. Let the pace now not slow down.