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For analyst, Apple has no plans to implement NFC on mobile devices

With iCloud, Apple will be able to reach or even surpass Google in winning users wanting to listen to music via streaming on the Internet. On the other hand, there are still areas in which the search giant has a huge advantage over Ma, the most important of which, at the moment, are payments via smartphones.

IPhone 5 mockup

For some, the possibility of paying any expenses seen as the next great function of the modern smartphone, capable of entering deeply into people's daily lives, so that Google deserves recognition for having ventured to make it viable in a product that appears to be ideal for the current generation of connected users. No wonder Eric Schmidt, president of the search giant, spoke about the news with enthusiasm for the Wall Street Journal.

One of Schmidt's hopes that Apple will be one of the companies to adopt NFC (Near Field Communication) on the iPhone, so that your users also connect to the possibilities of paying using their cell phone. However, according to the AppleInsiderThis should not happen for the time being: contacts made by analyst Brian White (from TiconderogaSecurities) with an NFC hardware manufacturer in Asia did not reveal any indication of Ma's commitment to the technology.

About 80% of the market, however, has plans to launch gadgets with support for the payment system proposed by Google and others based on the same technology. Among the companies highlighted by White are Nokia and Research In Motion (RIM).

White believes an iPhone 5 will come in September, but the model should not have NFC support. Although the company has already revealed plans for the patent technology, it does not appear to have a competitor at the height of Google Wallet ready to ditch its use and does not plan to use it as a base.