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Find out what the requirements will be for you to have OS X Lion on your Mac

Okay, after checking out 10 of the more than 250 Lion news in today's keynote, we found out that he no longer has a ?Mac? in his name and that OS X Lion Server is out for $ 50 on the Mac App Store, and see the release yours Developer Preview 4, now it's time to detail who can put their hands on it, starting in July.

iMac and MacBook Air with OS X Lion

As Apple pointed out, OS X Lion will cost US $ 30 and be released exclusively and exclusively via the Mac App Store (no DVD, no pendrive). That is, it must be an upgrade of Mac OS X Snow Leopard. In return, OS X Lion can be installed on all Macs authorized by the user, that is, the cost of US $ 30 will be just one for the family.

By the way, the ?Mac OS X Lion Up-To-Date? program will offer OS X Lion for free, also via the Mac App Store, to all consumers who purchase Macs starting today, June 6, 2011. Users they must request this right within 30 days after the purchase has been made.

According to the company, the total download of the new operating system is around 4GB more or less the same as an HD movie sold / rented by the iTunes Store. In a slow ?broadband? connection, of 1Mbps, this should take just under 12 hours. With a reasonable 5Mbps, the download will not take even 2 hours.

And, we arrived at the expected technical requirement: OS X Lion can only be installed on Macs with Intel Core 2 Duo or higher processors including, of course, the latest i3, i5, i7 or Xeon and at least 2GB of RAM.

OS X Lion will most likely already come pre-installed on all Macs sold starting in July, when it is officially launched on the market.