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Duncan Sinfield brings updated images of Apple Park and talks about alleged drone ban over there

Exactly ten days ago, we published the last aerial video of Apple Park captured by Matthew Roberts and we had a quick chat with him about an alleged take-off ban drones in the region of Ma's new campus, something he vehemently denied.

We also talked in the last days with Duncan Sinfield, which today published its newest video showing the current state of the works. As you can see, landscaping work has advanced a lot and the areas surrounding the ?spaceship? also appear to be much more completed.

Sinfield told the MacMagazine who has already contacted Apple for information about this alleged ban, but has never received a response. He has already seen multiple times, yes, company security in the region focused on this type of surveillance.

?There is no doubt that Apple has placed security guards to find drones?Said Sinfield, who always makes sure he is not being watched by anyone before taking off. ?If they identify a drone in the air and they can't find you, they call the Santa Clara County sheriff. ?

Still according to Sinfield, these security guards record images of everything they can: pilots, drones, their cars and even the people who are with them. "Although it is not illegal to fly, they do everything to make it look like that."

Well, as long as it's still possible, let us hope that Roberts and Sinfield continue to bring us their excellent aerial videos every month. ?