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Drop is a simple and friendly color dropper for macOS

When I need to use an eyedropper to determine some color on the Mac, I usually take a quick screenshot and open it in Photoshop. But there are specific apps for that, like the newly launched Drop from developer Tapity.

Drop - Color Picker app icon

Very friendly and simple to use, Drop works across macOS and supports several color formats including HEX, RGB, Swift UIColor, Swift NSColor, Objective-C UIColor and Objective-C NSColor (the latter, great for developers of apps).

When using the dropper, you can use the mouse wheel to zoom in and be able to select exactly the desired pixel; then, you can save colors to create a custom palette. It even supports the Touch Bar on the new MacBook Pro, offering quick access to your favorite colors.

If you liked Drop, enjoy it: it has a 50% discount on the Mac App Store, in promotion of launch.

(via 9to5Mac)