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COVID-19: Facebook launches information center and provides tools for energy services

Facebook launched a series of initiatives to ensure that social network users have access to factual information about Coronavirus (COVID-19) and to support people and businesses that have been affected by the pandemic. In a video conference with the international press, Mark Zuckerberg announced the launch of the Coronavirus Information Center, as well as the offer of Workplace Advanced for 12 months for emergency services and government organizations.

According to the company, the Coronavirus Information Center is a website within Facebook that has the latest information about COVID-19. In it, users can find, for example, updates from the World Health Organization and informational videos. The website is already available in some of the countries most affected by the pandemic and will soon be launched in Portugal as well.

Facebook initiatives in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic Coronavirus Information Center credits: Facebook

Emergency services and government organizations play a key role, especially during the pandemic. Thus, during the next 12 months, they will be able to access Workplace Advanced free of charge, which allows organizations to use a vast set of simple and safe tools, so that all employees can keep in touch with each other at the same time. keeps abreast of the evolution of the pandemic.

Facebook initiatives in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic Workplace Advanced credits: Facebook

The decision comes after the great technologists and social networks have joined together in an initiative to stop the spread of false information and provide support to efforts to combat Covid-19. In addition to the social network led by Mark Zuckerberg, it includes Google, Microsoft, Twitter, Reddit, YouTube and LinkedIn.

Even before, Facebook had already expressed its support for the World Health Organization, highlighting it as the main source to follow with regard to information about the coronavirus, highlighting its news with priority to all users.