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Chinese manufacturers are said to be using leftover Apple screens to make iPad clones

As if a tablet Xing Ling any longer wasn't bad enough, now the DigiTimes has information indicating that 9.7-inch displays failing Apple's quality tests are reused by "generic" gadget manufacturers (?White-box vendors?, as they call it).

Clone allegedly with iPad screen

Together, LG and Samsung are expected to produce up to 15 million displays for the iPad 2, but sales of the tablet in the second quarter of 2011 should not exceed 9 million units, according to estimates. The difference between these numbers may indicate a stock to be used by Apple in the future, screens that have not passed quality control and sales to other gadget manufacturers.

The defects that give rise to the rejection of these screens may be related, for example, to light leaks, but in general they do not prevent the use of them. In any case, it is good to keep in mind that when you buy a cheap Android tablet of obscure brand with a 9.7-inch display identical to the iPad, you will most likely take what you paid for: a second-rate product.

(via Electronist)