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Changes to the App Store culminated in the removal of more than 47,000 apps in October alone

In September Apple announced that it would make a ?Cleaning? on the App Store, removing outdated applications and / or those that no longer followed their current terms. Two months later, as was certainly expected, numbers referring to the removal of apps are already quite significant.

Ma had stipulated that, as of September 7, 2016, the analysis process for the elimination of apps would begin. However, as the company would first give the app a chance to be updated (30 days after the developer was notified), the removals started even in October.

Every month Apple removes some abandoned apps from the App Store, but the number of removals has skyrocketed with this large-scale initiative, as can be seen in the chart below:

App Store graphic app removal

According to the analysis firm Sensor Tower, from January to September this year, a monthly average of 14,000 apps were removed; in October this number grew three times more, totaling 47,300 applications removed. Among these, the category Games had the highest percentage of removals (28%), coming soon after the categories Entertainment (8.99%), Books (8.96%), Education (7%) and Lifestyle (6%).

Recently, another analysis showed that almost the majority of applications on the App Store had not been updated since May 2015 and 25.6% since November 2013. But, as the TechCrunch, Apple did not make it very clear what it would consider ?a lagged application?. In the notice sent to the developers, they just said that they would remove apps that were not updated "for a long time"; without actually having any date set, the evaluation is entirely in the hands of the company.

Even though most applications have already been removed in the past few months, cleanup continues to happen. Therefore, if you are a developer, always be careful not to go through the sieve of Ma and have your app (s) removed from the store.