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Beats announces partnership with French brand so you can pay almost twice as much on headphones almost twice as ugly

Ladies and gentlemen, take a deep breath, because Apple is announcing more a partnership with a very expensive brand with aesthetically dubious tastes. The ball, however, is not the Apple Watch, but the headphones of its subsidiary Beats.

Ma joined the French label Balmain to launch special editions of Powerbeats3 Wireless It's from Beats Studio Wireless with two distinct colors, called "Safari" and "Khaki" (I would prefer ?pink? and ?greenish brown?, but it doesn't sound rich enough), and details in a very striking gold in addition to, of course, the Balmain brand duly engraved for ostentatious reasons.

I fully agree with the validity of the phrase ?I don't like brao?, but, well, take a look:

I will leave the conclusions for yourselves.

The new headphones cost US $ 250 (Powerbeats) and US $ 600 (Studio), which is equivalent to US $ 50 and US $ 220, respectively, compared to their ?proletarian? versions (emphasis on quotes, please). So you have to ask yourself what is different about these wonderful products? New drivers that provide an enhanced sound experience? Refined materials for greater comfort? No, no: so exactly the same headphones as before, but with a new color and additional brand.

Okay, lie. They also come with a special case from Balmain, made of suede the color of the accessory with details also in gold, which certainly cost five dollars in a Chinese factory but here serves as another excuse to charge tens (or hundreds) more dollars. Added value, you naughty.

If you are interested, the headphones are already on sale at Apple's American website and at Ma stores in the US, although I am fully aware that giving this information is an exercise in futility, since everyone who has been interested has already stopped reading this text two paragraphs behind.

Oh, and be sure to also check out the page dedicated to special editions with several photos of the partnership's ambassador, the unique Kylie Jenner.

via MacRumors