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At $ 5 billion, Apple Park is the 3rd most expensive building ever built worldwide

When we talk about the magnitude of Apple Park here on the website and we are monitoring, on a monthly basis, the progress of the works on the ?spaceship?, many may not understand its exact size.

Because the Bloomberg yesterday published a graph that gives a better notion of the thing:

World's most expensive buildings

Yes: at $ 5 billion, Apple Park is the 3 most expensive building ever built in the world, second only to towers Abraj Al Bait ($ 15 billion Mecca, Saudi Arabia) and the resort Marina Bay Sands ($ 5.5 billion Singapore).

These two buildings alone cost more than Apple Park to build.

Ma's new headquarters even surpasses the One World Trade Center in New York, which cost $ 3.9 billion. In other words, it is obviously also the most expensive building ever built in the United States.

It is curious that, originally, the cost of Apple Park was estimated at US $ 3 billion, which would place it a little lower in the ranking. However, since 2013 the forecast has already been updated to $ 5 billion, in part because Tim Cook & co. wanted to strictly follow Steve Jobs' vision for campus. Now, if you have a company that can afford that luxury today, Apple; what is $ 5 billion compared to the nearly $ 260 billion in cash?

Although work is still going on, an Apple spokesman confirmed this week to the Patch Yes, since April there are already employees working there. There is no way to know if it is actually in the main building (in the ?spaceship?) or in some of the adjacent ones that are also part of the new complex.