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Apple's lobbying spending explodes under the Donald Trump administration; last quarter broke all records

Oh, lobbying. So present in the reality of companies and organized groups large and small around the world and yet so polemic. The act of placing a representative (or several) at the epicenter of a country's government operations as a way of exerting influence and ?pulling the sardine? to its older side than walking forward, and, as expected, our good old Ma doesn't act differently from her peers.

Interesting to note, however, how Apple's spending on lobbying have seen a scary jump since Donald Trump took over the Oval Office of the White House. By law, all American companies must state exactly how much they have spent on activities related to this practice and the money spent by Ma in the last three months is noteworthy for the volume and for breaking all records of Tim Cook and his gang when it comes to lobbying.

According to a document already available on the internet, Apple spent $ 2.2 million between April 1 and June 30, 2017 in Washington, which represents the largest expense in the company's history in this practice in a given quarter. In the previous period, the first in which Ma was dealing with the new administration, it was almost US $ 1.4 million; what was already a figure far superior to those usually recorded in the Barack Obama era in the second quarter of 2016, for example, Apple spent $ 1.12 million; in the first six months of the former president's government, only $ 730,000 was spent.

In addition, the growth in lobbying Apple's was never more than $ 330,000 quarter-over-quarter; in these last two, the jump was almost US $ 800 thousand, in other words, it might not be surprising if we start to see even bigger jumps in that amount going forward. Cash on hand for this Apple certainly has.

It remains to be seen, of course, what exactly Apple is spending all this money on is information that the government does not require companies to clarify. Considering Trump's clashes with Cook and Apple, however, it is not difficult to have an idea of ??what is going on there in Washington: as the president tries to apply his protectionist measures, Apple along with other tech giants try to convince him to slow down his positions. Moving almost all of its operating capacity to Asia, in the end, seems to be giving Ma and his competitors a certain headache.

via Recode