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Apple would have invested in certain equipment to ensure proper manufacture of the “iPhone 8”

It has been a while since information (unconfirmed, obviously) is running that the "IPhone 8" to arrive a little later than expected to the market. The tradition of recent years is that Apple will do this in September, but there is a possibility that only "iPhones 7s / 7s Plus" will be available immediately for purchase.

The rumors referring to this speak of scarcity of components or difficulty in manufacturing the new OLED screen (AM) and / or the technology related to the Touch ID hidden behind it, but now they also painted information related to the printed circuits the device.

According to the Korean newspaper THE INVESTOR, Apple would even have bought expensive equipment (who can, can) and loaned it to partners like Interflex and Youngpoong Electronics to prevent the lack of this component from compromising the factory's "iPhones 8" outlets.

Apple would have signed a supply agreement with a Taiwanese company, but the company probably gave up because it felt a strong pressure in terms of volume and quality control that would not compensate against its margins. Another complication that Apple wants to use is flexible flexible printed circuits (rigid flexible printed circuit boards, or RFPCBs), more complex, rather than traditional PCBs.

Sources say the investment in the equipment would have been "tens of millions of dollars" and that Apple expects to buy more than 100 million RFPCBs by the end of this year.

via Patently Apple