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Apple would be researching ways to use iPhones and Apple Watches to monitor Parkinson's

According to the Fast Company, Apple is researching a way to use both the iPhone and the Apple Watch to passively monitor patient data with the Parkinson's disease.

In June, we reported that Apple hired Stephen Friend, one of those responsible for Parkinson mPower, an app developed with ResearchKit that monitors anyone (with the disease or not) with the help of questionnaires and sensors from the devices in order to retain a large number of data on the disease.

Parkinson's disease patients go to the doctor only every six months to make evaluations. As neurologist Diana Blum explained Fast CompanyUsing iPhones as daily monitoring devices can be great for assessing symptoms on a recurring basis and helping with diagnosis / treatment.

"It is possible to use mobile technology to monitor tremors and slowness and perhaps even stiffness and balance, but this is more complicated," says Blum. Some of her patients have no predominant tremors and it would be more difficult to track with a smartphone. But for other patients, monitoring the severity of their tremors and their walking speed through sensors built into the phone could be important to observe their condition between consultations.

As anonymous sources suggest, in addition to Ma looking at the possibility of using iPhones and Apple Watches to monitor the disease in real time, it is also collecting enough data to prove the effectiveness of its devices in doing so.

Definitely, Apple's health initiatives are getting bigger and bigger and that is really good. Much more than just whim, it shows real concern about how iDevices can be used to improve the lives of all of us more and more.

(via MacRumors)