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Apple will help the Indian government to improve the speed of… trains (!)

Although it is not in our primary interest to know about events in the ndia, we cannot deny that Apple's investments in the country are very peculiar. I mean, in addition to several programs for developers, product factory and many other things, now Ma also helps to improve local trains.

According to the website Business Today, the Indian government would already be working with Apple and other technology companies to improve trains in the country, so that they can increase the speed of trains by 200km / h, reaching up to 600km / h.

At first, this initiative will start on routes that have a greater public daily, from Dlhi to Mumbai and from Dlhi to Calcut. The minister responsible for railways stated that the technology will not be "imported", but co-developed in India.

It is not surprising that Apple wants to help the country, as we see great interest from the company in the Indian market. However, what is really intriguing to think about exactly what Ma could help with the speed of trains. The most likely hypothesis was considered on the blog Apple Must, by Johnny Evans, who believes it has to do with self-driving cars.

Mobile devices and the influence of software on transportation are areas of interest to the company. This raises the question: ?Apple has figured out how to apply self-driving vehicle technologies and has it been looking to improve other forms of transportation? Or is Apple?s contribution some developer experience, some iOS devices and a little help from your Maps team? ?

Another possibility, I think, would be a combination of all the possibilities mentioned above. Whatever it is, just the fact that it lends itself to help is already a huge advertisement for Apple in the country imagine if something like this happened here in Brazil!

Certainly, this is a case worthy of follow-up, as many interesting things can come out of this peculiar partnership.

via Cult of Mac