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Apple vendors join the fray and are now also suing Qualcomm

Do you know the famous toma l, d c? Because

The fight was between Apple and Qualcomm, since Ma decided to stop paying due royalties mobile chip maker accusing it of double-profiting from its products. This transfer, however, was made by the Apple partners that manufacture / assemble the iPhone itself. What did Qualcomm do, then? He went there and sued Apple's partners for breach of contract, demanding that justice compel them to pay what they owed.

Now, the change came: according to Reuters informed, the four major suppliers of Ma (Foxconn, Wistron, Compal and Pegatron) are accusing Qualcomm of two violations of the Sherman Act (antitrust).

For Theodore J. Boutrous, a lawyer representing the four Apple suppliers, Qualcomm has publicly confirmed that its lawsuit against them is intended to punish them just for working with Ma. Therefore, companies are now raising their own claims and defenses against Qualcomm.

In a related note also shared by Reuters, Qualcomm today reported the financial results for its last fiscal quarter. Proving that the dispute with Apple highly relevant to the company, it reported a 40% drop in profits ($ 866 million and $ 0.58 per share) vs. US $ 1.4 billion and US $ 0.97 per year, a year ago) and 11% in revenues (US $ 5.4 billion vs. $ 6 billion a year ago).