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Apple releases updated version of iOS 10.1.1, confusing many people's heads [atualizado: links]

In a movement that confused the heads of all the owners of iGadgets on a day already indeed (indeed!) stunning to the world, Apple earlier today released a new version of the iOS 10.1.1. Yes, that's right: the verse number remains the same, but the compilation is different (now 14B150; the previous one was 14B100).

Update notification for new iOS 10.1.1 build

The information is still mismatched at the moment apparently, this update does not bring anything new besides bug fixes and performance improvements, but it is reported that users who were already on iOS 10.1.1 previously could not (or need) update, only those who were in previous versions of the system. On the other hand, the update inexplicably appeared on my iPhone 5c, which was running just 10.1.1 "previous".

If new information related to this update appears, we will include it here in the post. How are the iGadgets from you?

Updated by Eduardo Marques · 11/09/2016 s 23:44

Here are the direct links to download the new compilation, in case you really need to update your iGadget:



iPod touch

To install, download the update for your device from the links above. Then, connect the device to the Mac / PC, open iTunes, go to Summary and click the Search for Update button while holding the key Option. In the window that opens, navigate to the downloaded file and select it.

Then, follow the instructions on the screen, wait a few minutes and you're done.