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Apple releases second beta versions of iOS 10.2, watchOS 3.1.1 and tvOS 10.1 [atualizado 2x: macOS 10.12.2 beta 2]

A week after the first ones, Apple today tried to make available the second beta versions of iOS 10.2 (build 14C5069c), from watchOS 3.1.1 (14S5869b) and the tvOS 10.1 (14U5574b).

iOS 10

IOS 10.2 brings new background images, emojis, animations to iMessage, widgets for the new TV app, among other things. In this second beta version we have the arrival of the TV app itself (which at least does not launch in the United States only) and a new function for the Home button (when you press it five times, the iPhone calls for emergency services).

TvOS 10.1 users can also make use of the feature Single Sign-on it is also available only in the USA for providers Dish Network, Hotwire, Sling TV and GVTC Communications. WatchOS 3.1.1 brings "only" bug fixes and better generals.

The new versions can be downloaded by Apple Developer or by the devices themselves, if you are already using the first beta versions. Soon, Apple should make iOS 10.2 beta 2 available in the Apple Beta Software Program.

Update · 11/07/2016 s 18:12

Here is the TV app icon and the app's home screen, which is all in English, since the app will only be launched in the US in the beginning.

Here, the settings of the ?Emergency SOS? feature note that Apple still needs to translate this screen into our language.

Just ?press? the Start button for the iPhone five times, after a short countdown (3, 2, 1) call the number you set and it already works in Brazil.

(images: Marcelo Melo)

Update II · 11/08/2016 s 16:08

New emojis in macOS 10.12.2 beta 2Image credit: 9to5Mac

Today it was Apple?s turn to release the macOS 10.12.2 beta 2 (16C41b), entitled to the new emojis present in iOS 10.2. Both systems, incidentally, should be painted in the Apple Beta Software Program at any time.