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Apple may sell more than 1.5 million MacBooks Air per quarter

It won't be yet this Wednesday, it seems, but Ma's new ultra-portable laptops have everything to be very successful when they are launched. Chris Whitmore, of Deutsche Bank, believes that the next update of the MacBook Air, with Sandy Bridge processors, could generate sales of up to 1.5 million units per quarter, which would represent half of Apple's notebook segment. Impressive? You bet!

Mac sales and OS X upgrades - Deutsche Bank

Whitmore also believes that the launch of OS X Lion in July (certainly concomitantly with the arrival of the new Airs) could also help increase sales of Macs, not to mention that its distribution exclusively through the Mac App Store should put the profit margin of new operating system at around 90%, against 85% of previous editions.

Finally, iCloud should greatly influence the rate of upgrades (reaching 50% of the installed base, that is, 25 million users), given that Lion (as well as iOS 5) would be a way to take full advantage of the new free service.

(via AppleInsider)