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Apple loses a star in the ranking of companies that most protect user privacy

Annually, the Electronic Frontier Foundation analyzes the companies that more protect the privacy of users. Since 2014, Apple has remained among the best with five stars.

Even though it remained at the top, this year EFF stripped Ma of one of its stars.

Check the complete chart:

Ranking Who has your back 2017

Entitled "Who Has Your Back?" (Who protects you? ?), The research analyzed five questions that can affect the privacy of users, namely: 1. the adoption of good practices established by the industry; 2. the disclosure of requests for information requested by governments; 3. the promise not to ?betray? users; 4. denial of NSL requests and; 5. a pre-user policy, which is opposed to leaving loopholes (backdoors) so that, for example, governments can spy on information.

This is Apple's sixth year in Who Has Your Back?, and it has already adopted a series of industry-recommended practices, including publishing a transparency report, demanding a content guarantee and publishing its guidelines for law enforcement requests. Apple promises to inform users before disclosing their data to the government, has a published policy of requesting judicial review of all National Security Letters and explicitly states that third parties are prohibited from allowing Apple user data to be used for purposes vigilance.

Although these aspects have improved a lot since in the first years Apple was left with only one star, the foundation considered that Ma sinned in the last question, in relation to the ?pre-user? policy.

We are giving a point to companies that support the reform of Seo 702, which aims to reduce the collection of information from innocent people. Public positioning in support of allowing this law to expire completely will also count, as this would also have the effect of reducing the vigilance of innocent people.

Apple did not publicly request Seo 702 reforms to reduce the vigilance of innocent people.

Unlike Apple, 8 of the 25 companies received the top score from EFF, including Adobe, Dropbox and WordPress.

Either way, four stars are already excellent when it comes to security. As Ma genuinely cares about the privacy of its users, this ranking may call the company's attention to further improve and, who knows, it may have five stars again next year.

via 9to5Mac