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Apple, Google and Amazon “tighten their grip” on unofficial Coronavirus applications

As more and more people seek to stay informed about the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) that is plaguing the world, technological giants are taking steps to halt the spread of potentially false information. Apple, Google and Amazon tightened their grip on COVID-19 applications that do not belong to official entities, such as the World Health Organization (WHO), in their digital stores.

Apple made the official measure a publication on its website for developers. The company states that, to ensure that the information sources are reliable, only accept applications from entities with credentials in the health areas, as well as from medical and educational institutions.

Communities around the world are dependent on applications that are credible sources of information, which help users understand the latest advances in the health field and find out where they can find help if they need it, explains the company. The official announcement comes after Apple began rejecting applications about COVID-19 that did not meet the requirements at the beginning of March, CNBC said.

Although they have yet to make an official statement, both Amazon and Google are removing unofficial applications from their digital stores. The Mountain View giant, for example, withdrew an application launched by the Government of Iran to supposedly help detect cases of coronavirus in the country. AC19 was being accused of sending spam from the government itself, leading many to believe that it was an action to monitor people through their personal data and geolocation.

It is recalled that, even in February, Amazon began to take tighter measures to curb the misinformation about COID-19 and to prevent it from being invoiced for the "other's misfortune. The company led by Jeff Bezos decided to remove from its sales platform all products that refer to Coronavirus are digital, especially those that claim the cure or the ability to kill the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which causes the disease.