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Apple creates a special achievement for Apple Watch users on Thanksgiving Day

Who has already acquired a Apple Watch and uses the watch to practice exercises he must have noticed the incentives in the form of medals when a goal is reached (in the Activity app). Be it for a sequence of days hitting the goals, for doubling / tripling the exercise target of the day, for the largest number of calories burned since you started using the app anyway, there are several "awards" for hit goals, the famous gamification.

Now, however, the first time Apple is doing something like that for a particular date: the Thanksgiving Day (Thanksgiving), which takes place annually on the last Thursday of November in the United States. Not a very popular date in Brazil (the day before the sexta-feira Negra), but very important in the land of Obama Trump. I venture to say that for them, a date as important as or even more than Christmas and / or New Year.

To win the special medal, which at first is only available in the US (or for those who have the US region set up on the Apple Watch), you will need to beat the 5km walking, running or exercise goal on a wheelchair on 24 / 11. The cool thing is that, in addition to winning the medal, whoever hits the goal will also win a special sticker to use in iMessage. ?

I really hope that Apple will continue to promote this type of action, after all motivating people to exercise is always a good thing; but I also hope that the company does not forget the brothers here in Brazil ok, it?s worth remembering Siri, Maps, Apple Pay, etc.

As I said, in Brazil the Thanksgiving Day is not so well known, not even a holiday. So, taking into account that Apple only did this once, what date / holiday do you think it should promote in the same way here in Brazil?