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Apple announces second data center in Denmark, which will run on 100% renewable energy

Apple open a second data center in Denmark, as told by the Danish government and Ma's Nordic director, Erik Stannow, for the Reuters.

The investment for this second unit will be 6 billion DKK (about R $ 3 billion), a little less than the amount invested in the first, which was considered the ?largest foreign investment in the history of Denmark?.

Stannow said in an email that Apple is very happy to expand the operations of its data centers per l, as well as investing in clean energy; that is, this new unit has also been operating on 100% renewable energy since its inauguration.

The new data center it was intended to boost Ma's online services, including iMessage, Siri, Maps and the App Store mainly for those who access them from Europe, of course. It be built on benr, close to the border with Germany, is expected to start operations in the second quarter of 2019.

J the first data center, announced last year and which is a few kilometers away from the second, in Viburgo, to start its operations at the end of this year.

via MacRumors