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Analysts say OmniVision may or may not have lost part of the camera supply contract for the next iPhone

Craig Berger doesn't live on iPad 2 Plus. The FBR Capital Markets analyst today also released information about OmniVision and, I must say, information that was not happy, so much so that NASDAQ: OVTI has already dropped more than 3%. According to Berger, the company is at serious risk of losing part of the contract to supply 8 megapixel sensors for the next iPhone, due to production problems, according to the company. Forbes.

IPhone 4 rear camera

Faced with the difficulty of supplying Apple's orders, OmniVision was supposed to lose much of the contract to supply CMOS sensors to Sony, which would also be in the race to close a deal with Ma. Originally, OmniVision was supposed to have 90 % of Apple's demand, but that will not be the case, according to Berger.

J.P. Morgan disagrees, however: according to conversations by analyst Paul Coster with the CFO of OmniVision, everything would be running on schedule, with the production of 8 megapixel sensors being expanded to serve high-level companies, including the giant in Cupertino.

And, who will have the hottest information?