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After two years of preparation, the opera “The (R) evolution of Steve Jobs” will debut this week in the USA

In 2015, we published the peculiar news that Steve Jobs would win an opera by telling his story. After two years in preparation, finally The (R) evolution of Steve Jobs (in free translation, ?The (R) evolution of Steve Jobs?) debut in the city of Santa Fe (in New Mexico, United States).

All times and details on the purchase of tickets for the opera were published on the Santa Fe Opera House website, as well as some other information (details of the scenes and also notes on how the inspiration for the work came about).

Organized by composer Mason Bates and librettist Mark Campbell, the pear will be in a ?non-linear? style, that is, without following a certain order. The prologue will tell the story of Jobs as a child, while the remaining 19 scenes will go through several years of the life of the Apple co-founder starting in 2007, when the iPhone was launched, and going non-chronologically, going back to the past in several scenes.

As it is a sung portrait of Jobs, there could be scenes with people who went through his life like his father Paul Jobs, the co-founder of Ma Steve Wozniak, among others and phases like his stay in college, the launch of the Apple I and more.

Since Bates is a very modern composer, the pear will have several electronic sounds and, as he likes to test ?exotic formats? on pears, Jobs would have been a great opportunity to apply this.

I think it can be taken to its fullest, in which each character has very distinct sound worlds. Be the inner world of Steve Jobs, who is restless, with electronic guitar sounds; in the lyric harmonies "Maurosianic" by Laurene Powell Jobs, his wife, or with electro-acoustic sounds of the diffuse type of Kobun (Chino Otogawa), Steve Jobs' spiritual advisor. What happens when these worlds collide?

If you can't imagine it, here's a sample:

The (R) evolution of Steve Jobs to open next Saturday, July 22, with an exhibition at 8:00 pm (local time) and another performance on Wednesday, July 26. Another four sessions will take place in August and ticket prices range from $ 114 to $ 310, and can be purchased online at the Santa Fe pear website.

via AppleInsider