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Acer and Samsung to fight for a distant second place in the tablet market

Apple may have achieved such a success in the tablet market that it practically created a separate category for itself, but fortunately that does not prevent other manufacturers from trying to conquer some ground, although it is not as easy a task as it seems at first glance.


In the dispute for second place among tablets, Samsung will have to face Acer's determination. According to DisplaySearch figures, Ma sold 4.7 million iPads in the last quarter, while Sammy it would have taken 850,000, followed closely by Acer with 800,000. This indicates that competition among non-iPads on the market will be so fierce that Acer's forecasts for the year have been cut from a maximum of 7 million units to 3 million (BURN).

Too early to say if it will happen with tablets the same as with music players, but for now the signs indicate that it will: while a competitor does not appear with a product that really is better than the iPad, it will be very difficult to start this market from Apple. Oh, and to say that Flash runs or that ?open? does not stick better, investing in real advantages, such as price, versatility, usability, hardware quality, etc.

(via CNET News)