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Accessory plugs into the iPhone's Lightning port and allows you to record any calls

Turn and move, some reader asks us if there is an app that allows you to record calls. No, there is no Apple itself prevents this functionality on iOS.

Well, if "There isn?t an app for that ?, then we go for a crude solution. Physically, I say: know the Call Recorder, from PhotoFast.

Check out their promotional video:

As you can see, this is a simple accessory that connects to the iPhone's Lightning port and allows you to record any call not only from the Native Phone app, but also from WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook Messenger, Viber, etc. . In addition, owners of iPhones 7/7 Plus still get an outlet for headphones (3.5mm) and the accessory has a port for microSD memory cards.

In times of Joesleyshowever, think carefully before recording a conversation without the consent of the other party. There are countless nuances and interpretations as to whether this is a crime or not, which also depends on the purpose of the recording itself.

The PhotoFast Call Recorder is on sale for $ 125 at Indiegogo, value with a 16% discount above its normal price.

via The Verge