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A simple video makes any iPhone very slow or completely paralyzed

The internet would not be the same if there were, from time to time, some bugs to affect the devices of the crowd.

This time, the YouTube channel EverythingApplePro published a video with a demonstration of a new bug that simply affects * all * iPhones, from iOS 5 to the last version of the system (iOS 10.2 beta 3).

The bug affects devices via a link, which loads a video in Safari (extension .mp4) of a few seconds. As soon as you finish watching the video, your iPhone continues to work but, after a while, it starts to get so slow that it is impossible to use it until the moment it freezes completely.

In the video, you can see that several generations of iPhones are tested, each with a different firmware and all end up locked up. The device only returns to its normal activity if you force a restart. On iPhones up to 6s / SE, this is done by pressing the Start button and the on / off button for a few seconds until the Apple logo appears; already on the iPhone 7, it is necessary to press the on / off button and the volume down button together.

So far, no real threat has been found in the video; the theory that it is just corrupted and systems don't know how to deal with it. According to a user of Reddit, the domains for this video appear on and, but anyone can mask it with the help of URL shorteners.

If you were affected by this, follow the steps above and do not forward the link (unless you want to make fun of someone, but this is never very advisable, man). Even if there are still no side effects, it is always good to redouble our attention and not go out by clicking / touching anything they send us.

(via 9to5Mac)