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6 must-see apps for movie and series addicts!

Are you planting film? Do serial marathons one of your favorite pastimes? Well check out a list of 6 apps that, for sure, will accompany you in all these moments and help you to always stay informed, organized and with your programs up to date, in addition to bringing news from this universe of entertainment.

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1. Cine Mobits

cine mobits

Stay on top of all the films that are playing in your city, check the schedule of your favorite cinemas, check the schedule of sessions and ticket prices and all the other information necessary for you to plan for your next trip to the cinema!

This application also brings data about the films, such as synopsis, interactive classification, trailer and more, just a click away.

Now run to the cinema to buy the ticket, right? Wrong! Buy from the app! In addition to making it possible to purchase your entry ticket online, the tool also allows the user to invite friends to a movie by email or SMS, directly from the application.

O Cine Mobits is available for Android and iOS.

2. IMDb Cinema & TV


The IMDb (Internet Movie Database) application, as well as the website, provides information about United States film and TV productions.

In this way, it is possible to follow in the app details about films, series and other programs, such as rating, cast, summary of previous episodes, trailers, photos, reviews, quotes, gaffes, curiosities, among other data.

Also serving as a TV and cinema guide, the app allows the user to check American TV programming, discover the latest releases on DVD and explore graphics like Most Popular Movies of the Day on IMDb, Most popular celebrities of the day on IMDb, among others.

O IMDb Cinema & TV is available for Android and iOS.

3. TeeVee 3


A simple way to keep up to date on the release dates for new episodes of your favorite shows, as well as being able to keep track of where you left off on each show.

The app has a database with more than 30 thousand TV programs. With the tool, it is even possible to schedule notifications to notify you when the next chapters of your favorite series go live.

In addition, the tool provides information on each episode and on the actors of the programs. It also allows you to synchronize your profile information with iCloud.

O TeeVee 3 is available for iOS.

4. EpisodeTime

episode time

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Also with the proposal to help those who like to watch several television series at the same time, this app brings a calendar in which the user can consult the opening dates of the episodes. In addition, the application brings information about programs, reviews and suggestions from other series.

To maintain control over what he is watching, the user makes a list of the series he accompanies and marks the episodes he sees. In this same area, it is possible to consult information about each chapter.

O EpisodeTime is available for Android and iOS.

5. iLoveTv

ilovetv "height =" 290 "src =" "width =" 630

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Another app for series enthusiasts, iLoveTv brings functions similar to the apps already mentioned above: a space to organize the series you watch, but which also gives you tons of extra content.

Details about the cast, writers and directors; thousands of photos that can be downloaded by the user; a calendar to keep up with new season premieres, and various other information is available on the tool.

O iLoveTv is available for iOS.

6. TV Time

TV Time

One of the darlings among the series apps, TV Time brings the proposal to help the viewer to follow all their favorite programs in an organized way, so as not to forget to watch any episode, not to miss any premiere and to even know new series.

Like the others, the tool provides a space in which the user can book episodes that have already been seen, check schedules and show dates for new chapters, see reactions to specific episodes, receive personalized recommendations and receive notifications of series premieres and seasons.

In addition, the platform allows you to publish reactions through the use of comments, memes or videos. Another difference is the quizzes about the programs and the extra content (videos, articles and podcasts) about the episodes watched.

O TV Time is available for Android and iOS.

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