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You can now play COD: Warzone alone and without having to pair with other team players

Call of Duty: Warzone the latest game from Activision and Infinity Ward. It is a battle royale, completely free, which involves fighting for survival in arenas with 150 players simultaneously. The title has been very well received by the player community, but despite its success, it lacked one thing that will be added now: a solo mode.

So far, to play Warzone I would have to do it as a team. This does not mean that you had to be connected to a group of friends to start a game, but that you would always be allocated to a group of players to play the battle together. Whoever plays online knows perfectly well what this, as a general rule, means: disorganization, communication failures, language barriers and very loud teammates, who tend not to know how to remove the sound from the microphones.

The games were, until now, played by 50 teams of three elements, but the solo mode now allows you to play alone. The addition is certainly a welcome surprise for fans of the genre, who have had to wait months for a similar update in games like Apex Legends.

All the dynamics of Warzone remain in this new mode. However, in the Gulag, the zone where it is decided whether a player automatically returns to the arena after being shot or is on stand-by waits for the team to revive him, participants will have only two possible paths: or return to the arena after win a duel against another downed enemy, or are expelled from the match in the event of defeat.

Call of Duty: Warzone already has 15 million players. The game was released on Tuesday, March 10.