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Xiaomi overtakes Fitbit and becomes the company that sells the most wearables in the world; Apple is # 3 [atualizado]

As soon as a quarter ends, financial analysis companies like Strategy Analytics publish their research comparing the number of sales and the shares of companies in a given market. Specifically focusing on wearables (wearables), this second quarter of 2017 did not favor both Apple and the first one even though it shows us a great gain year on year.

In this second quarter of 2017, the owner of the ball the Chinese Xiaomi, which took the top spot in the ranking for having sold 3.7 million units. With that, it managed to obtain 17.1% of the market, with an improvement of 2.1 percentage points in the annual comparison.

Market for second quarter clothing 2017

THE Fitbit it sold much less this second quarter (3.4 million units) if compared to the same period last year (5.7 million) and also lost a lot of market, going from 28.5% to 15.7%! Still, sales favored the manufacturer more this quarter than in the first of 2017, when it lagged behind Apple.

And speaking of Ma, its year-on-year sales improved in the second quarter, reaching 2.8 million units and, therefore, managing to increase its market share from 9% to 13%. Even so, there was a drop compared to the first quarter of 2017, when it had 15.9% for having sold 3.5 million units.

Alis, like the MacRumors recalled, Apple in this second quarter possibly reached the mark of 30 million Apple Watches sold (since the watch was launched) since in 2015 (year of launch) 13.6 million were sold and, last year, 11.6 million units.

As the TechCrunch, of the three, Fitbit is the most in danger. That said, Xiaomi possibly managed to reach the top for its cheap options (a Mi Band can be purchased for a mere $ 15 in the United States) and to focus on more basic devices.

On a totally opposite side is the Apple Watch, a much more robust product and premium, which starts at US $ 270. Fitbit, on the other hand, seems unfocused, trying to be a bit of both, as reported by Neil Mawston, from Strategy Analytics.

Even though it is a more expensive product, the Apple Watch has already established itself in the market and certainly the numbers may increase even more with the arrival of its next generation, which should be launched very soon (probably next to the "iPhone 8").

via 9to5Mac

Update by Bruno Santana 08/10/2017 s 16:40

Another statistics firm this time, the Canalys corroborates the numbers of the smartwatch market and confirms Apple's fall to a mediocre third place in the segment.

According to the company's report estimates (since Apple does not disclose the official sales figures for its watch), Apple dispatched 2.7 million accessory units in the second quarter of 2017, a considerable drop from 3.8 million Apple Watches delivered in the first quarter of the year. Xiaomi and Fitbit took first and second place in the segment, with 3.5 and 3.3 million units shipped, respectively.

Even with the fall of Ma, Canalys predicted that the situation would soon revert positively to the sides of Cupertino: with the arrival of a new generation of Apple Watch, possibly with long-awaited features like LTE, the public's attention will turn it again for the company's watch. What's more, the smartwatch market as a whole will see an explosion in popularity in the coming months because of the introduction of these features in devices from various brands; the firm estimates that 12 million smart watches will be sold by the end of the year.

via CNET