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With more than 70 openings, Apple is investing heavily in its map service

Turn and move we comment here on the website Apple's efforts to update and offer more features in its map service. The company has now demonstrated that it is really dedicated to improving them even more.

All of a sudden, more than 70 (!) Job vacancies appeared on the company's website related to the map team, requiring skills such as "geospatial information services", "navigation help", "fleet management" and more.

As the CNBC, the efforts around the company's maps have already overcome the issue involving rivalry with the Google service and now also involve two key points for the company: augmented reality and autonomous systems that in many situations depend on a map service to perform a certain task in the best possible way (especially an autonomous system involving cars, obviously).

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And, as always, while some arrive, others leave. This was the case with Tanya Ridd, head of Apple's corporate PR in Europe (for areas such as taxes, the environment and supplier responsibility). Ridd is now Snap's director of communications for Europe, the Middle East and Africa (also known by the acronym EMEA).

She joined the company to replace Ruth Barnett, former director of communications for Snap in the UK who is now at DeepMind (an Alphabet company).

via Patently Apple, Business Insider