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Who needs Lion? Part 2: meet Wozniak’s Conundrum, a steampunk-style Mac

Today can be a busy day, full of releases that point to the future of Ma's desktop platform, but a little bit of nostalgia doesn't hurt anyone, especially if it is mixed with a lot of imagination and artistic inspiration.

It was driven by these feelings that Steve La Riccia took a 1991 Macintosh running System 7.5 and combined it with an 1897 Remington Standard Model 7 typewriter to create the Wozniak?s Conundrum, a computer steampunk full of personality. Such preciousness was a finding of the GizmoWatch.

This true work of art was built in three months and a unique machine, with little touches of genius, as the way to give Enter, using the lever of the typewriter that would make the paper move, or the customized mouse from an old telograph. Not to mention that the name is a homage to Steve ?Woz? Wozniak, one of the founders of Apple.

And, what would you choose to mark your day today: the OS X Lion or this steam-powered Macintosh, coming straight from the Victorian era?

(via Mac +)