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Vectr is a powerful multiplatform vector editor, accessible and completely free

Here is a tip that may not be of great use to professionals in the design field, but it will certainly be a valuable indication for basic users who want / need to do a quick job of illustration or creation through vector graphics. She takes the name of Vectr, a relatively powerful, easy to use, multiplatform software and best of all completely free.


The collaborative software has versions for macOS, Windows, Linux and Chrome OS, as well as a web version that surprisingly owes nothing to its counterparts for relative systems. When downloading Vectr, the user is greeted with a brief tutorial that guides you through the basic functions of the program, but honestly, this was not even necessary: ??its interface is very intuitive and will not cause major headaches or even the most basic users.

Within the 2D universe (since, at least for now, the Vectr does not venture into the third dimension), it is possible to create creations of any kind, limited only by our respective creativity. The focus of the program, however, is the production of logos, business cards, brochures, banners and other elements in this field, noticed by the sophisticated text editing tool and basic forms. You can easily export your creations to PNG, in the desired size, or directly to PDF for printing.

Watch a video presentation:

It certainly won't be an alternative comparable to the segment's tits like Adobe Illustrator or (gasp!) CorelDRAW, but the fact is that, for those who need a simple, fast and free solution, the Vectr is quite a statement. It can be downloaded (or accessed) on its official website.