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TSMC would have already started making prototypes of the A6 chip for Apple

The animosity between Apple and Samsung seems to have reached the limit of the bearable: according to Reuters, Ma would have already authorized Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company to produce the first prototypes of the successor to the A5. The finalization of the production agreement should depend only on the quality of the chips and the efficiency of the process used by TSMC.

Apple A5 processor

However, some analysts believe that Apple will not be able to permanently get rid of the Sammy so easy: certain characteristics of the A5 involve intellectual property of the Korean company, so it is possible that TSMC is not responsible for a direct derivation of the current design used in iGadgets, but a processor intended for other products. There is also the possibility that only a small portion of the production will be in charge of TSMC, a bet would be something around 2030%.

The choice of new partners to replace Samsung is almost inevitable for Apple, given the strong conflict of interest between the two companies. It will not only be easy, as the two are extremely interdependent.

(via MacRumors)