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TouchSwitcher and Rocket: two apps created exclusively for the MacBook Pro Touch Bar

When the Touch Bar was announced by Apple and the new MacBook Pro arrived for the great public, several apps had already released updates to use this novelty. But, like any innovation, everything seems to get more interesting when developers get their hands dirty and bring apps to make the user's life easier (or just to make fun of, of course).

Check out two apps that were made exclusively for the Touch Bar.


This app adds a cone in the corner of the Touch Bar that, when touched, shows the applications that are currently active. The function is just like the Tab shortcut, which allows you to switch apps faster, but with the advantage of being able to directly tap the app you want.

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<p>The creators of TouchSwitcher found a curious limitation in the Touch Bar: it is only possible that <strong>one</strong> Icon that is not a non-native control of the system appears in the bar in the right corner. This means that other Apple apps ?take the place? whenever they are activated. This happens, for example, with iTunes; when started, it literally takes the place of the TouchSwitcher, which can only appear again if restarted. If you have the app running and want to access the media controls again, I need to end TouchSwitcher.</p>
<p>Either way, an interesting initiative and the app can be downloaded for free from the developer's website.</p>
<p class=Rocket for Touch Bar

As soon as rumors arose about the Touch Bar (at that time, still unnamed), the imagination led someone to create a mockup of the row in a future Magic Keyboard. In one of the photos, there was a nice idea to take macOS Dock apps to the row and basically this is the Rocket idea. The app allows you to launch an app directly from the Touch Bar.

With a keyboard shortcut (~) it is possible to activate the app and view the apps in the Dock or the latest apps that have been used. Rocket is still in "beta" and already has several improvements on the way; for now, you can download it for free from the developer's website.

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In addition to these two apps, many people with too much free time have seen the Touch Bar as an opportunity to make fun of various possibilities. For example, some very fan of the classic game Doom already found a way to run the game on the small screen!

The famous Nyan Cat has also appeared by the bar. And if you think there are limits to the fun, check out this app.

Remembering that if you are curious but do not have an MBP with Touch Bar, you can test using this app on any Mac.

(via MacRumors)