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This website has all the information about prevention and containment for Covid-19 was announced yesterday and has a set of technological tools that allow the teleworking regime in which many Portuguese people are operationalized. Some of the largest technological companies contributed to this initiative, with the tools to be made available by four of the main companies in the sector, AWS, CISCO, Google and Microsoft, and telecommunications operators, including Altice, NOS, Vodafone and APRITEL. The website and app were built with the support of VOST Portugal and ESRI Portugal.

Within the site are also tutorials of good practices so that everyone can use these tools and continue their professional or academic activities, depending on the case.

Access to public services, which are limited and promote the use of online services, and the necessary forms for companies and citizens, are also listed on the website created and which combines the measures and initiatives of the various governmental areas.

The website has a section of questions and answers that will be updated periodically with questions collected by volunteers from VOST Portugal on social networks and answered by the competent Health authorities, namely DGS, SPMS, INEM, INSA and INFARMED.

There is also a complete, consolidated and reliable list of emergency and support contacts created by the various public services in the context of combating this pandemic.

The launch of an app with the same content, which will be constantly updated, is expected soon.