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This month's cover of National Geographic Italia is offered by a spaceship simulator and an iPhone flash

The magazine National Geographic It is known for two basic elements on its cover: the yellow-yellow outline, which eventually became the company's own brand, and the stunning photos published month by month in its most prominent space. The Italian subsidiary of the publication is no different, and this month brought a very beautiful image (above) of the senior astronaut Paolo Nespoli inside a space module simulator.

As interesting as the photo itself, however, are the details of the circumstance in which it was taken and, as you are in the MacMagazine, you can be sure that it involves an Apple product; in this case, as you may have guessed, we are talking about a iPhone. Or, more precisely, its LED flash.

Who tells the story o DPReview: Italian photographer Alessandro Barteletti spent the last year working on a photo session with Nespoli, a 60-year-old astronaut who is traveling the world in various training centers, preparing for yet another space mission that, when started, will transform it into the most old cosmonaut entering into orbit in history.

In Star City, the Russian astronaut training center, Nespoli was on a simulator for the Soyuz launch module when Barteletti saw the perfect moment for the most significant photo of his work. When pulling his old Nikon D3 to make the click, however, surprise: all the lights went out and those responsible for the equipment asked them to end the session.

The photographer had a lot of professional lighting equipment, but none at that time and, of course, if he left the module, he would never be able to return. What did he do then? He pulled his iPhone the only electronic equipment with him besides the camera, turned on the flash and positioned it between two panels behind the astronaut. There were only a few seconds between the equipment's disposition, the image capture and the module's output, and even so, the result was fantastic, half ghostly, half hopeful.

Photo for National Geographic Magazine Italia, by Alessandro BartelettiThe original photo by Alessandro Barteletti.

And that's how a photo lit by an iPhone ended up on the cover of one of the most respected magazines in the world. I love that kind of story, do you?

via Cult of Mac