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There is a strong indication that Apple's online stores and services in Brazil will be charged in reais

Since the beginning of Apple's operation in Brazil, at least when we are talking about online content sales, the company has been operating in dollars. This means that if you purchase a movie from the iTunes (Movie) Store, subscribe to Apple Music, buy more space on iCloud or anything like that, pay in US dollars instead of R $.

It has long been debated whether Apple will work with our local currency or not; recently, Eddy Cue (senior vice president of software and internet services) stated that Apple Music would be charged in reais until the end of the year. If this happens, it is plausible to state that it is not only the streaming company music but absolutely any type of content that today is sold in dollars would now be sold in reais. And a few days ago there was an indication that this could indeed happen.

New Apple company on the Jucesp system

When visiting the Jucesp (Junta Comercial do Estado de So Paulo) website and searching for ?Apple?, it is possible to check the registration of a company entitled APPLE SERVICOS DE REMESSAS LTDA, registered at the same address as Apple Brazil. The description of the company's main economic activity: ?Collection activities and registration information? (code 8291-1 / 00).

Such economic activity has the following explanatory notes:

  • Invoice and debt collection activities for customers and transferring payments received to customers;
  • Information collection activities, such as credit and employment records, for client companies;
  • The provision of information on the indebtedness capacity of people and companies to financial institutions, commerce and companies from other activities that need to assess the creditworthiness of people and companies.

Based on this, we have a strong indication that we are facing a company created for Apple to solve things bureaucratically in order to sell content in reais in Brazil. That company could have some connection with the Apple Pay service, too, but also because of Ma's indication that the service is not yet here this year and Cue's statement that Apple Music will be charged in reais, I venture that this is not the case (to the sadness of many users who are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the mobile payment service).

We already covered here in MacMagazine the pros and cons of charging in dollars / reais. Briefly, with the change, prices will most likely go up a lot; on the other hand, Gift Cards (Gift Cards) may become a reality in our country, making it possible to purchase content without the need for a credit card.

We will see if this really happens.

tip from Thalisson Santos