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The new MacBooks Air are more powerful than MacBooks Pro 2010!

When buying a Mac, think twice before looking at raw numbers to form your opinion: 1.8 GHz may seem little, but it is possible that the internal harmony of a well-designed machine will epically overcome this in a benchmark. See the tests of the Electricpig with the new MacBooks Air: tests revealed that these machines can outperform last year's MacBooks Pro!

MacBooks Air on Geekbench

Look at the chart above, but look carefully: on the left, you have the two Airs from last year, and on the right, you have the Airs released today and a 17-inch MacBook Pro from 2010. Now look at the X axis again, I will at enlarge:

MacBooks Air on Geekbench

In points, the 11-inch Air rose from 2024 to 5040 (+ 149%), while the 13-inch Air went from 2681 to 5860 (+ 118%). Comparatively, the MacBook Pro scored 5423. Yes, sir, a 1.7GHz Core i5 beat a 2.67GHz Core i7 in the Geekbench! Now look at your MacBook Pro purchased last year and think about it: Airs are now more powerful than it is, and they also have a backlit keyboard. And Bluetooth even better. You're welcome.

Jokes part, that benchmark it shows just one facet of the power of these notebooks, but if that doesn't serve as an incentive for you not to underestimate Apple's ultralight, then I don't know what can serve. These machines are small, thin and have modest numbers, but they do not deny fire at all. Think carefully about your next purchase.

(via MacRumors)