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TEK tip: Do you want to entertain the kids at home? Discover 12 fun and free mobile games

At a time when the Portuguese should stay at home, especially the younger ones due to the closing of schools during the period imposed in the measures to combat coronavirus, it is normal that the new routines end up making the days more boring. That is why you have to find different forms of entertainment, from pen and paper games to board games, or even explore the programming of the various streaming services or read books.

Obviously video games are part of fun activities, but not all console titles are aimed at the youngest audience. In this sense, SAPO TEK brings together some fun and free game proposals that you can install on the little ones' smartphones to keep them more entertained. We have sports proposals, puzzle games, adventures and even strategy with colorful and appealing graphics.

Keep the 12 suggestions of free smartphone games for the little ones to be entertained at home.

Lost Island is an adventure game full of puzzles for the Candy Crush fans

Players explore a paradise island, but they will have to solve puzzles to advance the adventure.

At first glance, Lost Island looks more like a puzzle game based on classic trays with colored pieces to fit and cancel, popularized by titles like Candy Crush or Puzzle Quest. But these mini-games are just a small part of the adventure, which puts the player on a paradise island to explore. The jungles and beaches are haunted by ancient spirits, which keep mysterious secrets.

Another component of the game is the construction of buildings, as well as beaches, gardens, jungles and other elements that players can characterize to their liking. Many of the sites were destroyed by monsters, such as the port, which was attacked by a gigantic octopus, and the protagonist ends up looking for the resources to rebuild it.

The island also allows exploration, as there are secrets and treasures to be found, in order to collect enough money to invest in more buildings. The protagonist is called Ellie, an archelogue who tries to find the oldest artifacts hidden on the island, which is accompanied by a nice seal.

You can download the game for free on iOS and Android versions.

Dragon City is a kind of Pokmon, but with dragons

Collect thousands of dragons that can be evolved from simple loving babies to fearsome fire eaters.

There is something seductive about Dragon City, a game that encourages players to collect countless pictures of all kinds and shapes. You will have to train and feed the small chicks, who exchange their fragile and friendly air when they are babies, for imposing creatures when they grow up, spitting fire if necessary. There are even mechanics for breeding hybrid creatures by mating species. The stadium promises about a thousand dragons available to collect.

The game takes place in the Dragon City that gives it its name, and allows you to fill all places in the city with dragons. Must form a team with the most powerful creatures and enter arenas of PVP battles, also allowing the creation of alliances with other players.

You will also be able to unlock visual elements for the creatures, many of them through the participation of special events, such as New Year's Eve. Other dragons are received as exclusive rewards for battles against other players and tournaments, through unlocked balls.

Dragon City is a free game and can be played on Android and iOS devices.

Play fast and intense tennis matches directly from your smartphone

Tennis Clash is a colorful tennis game, designed for very fast, three-minute matches against other players.

There are many world-class tournaments to participate in Tennis Clash, a title based on the popular sport designed for short mobile gaming sessions with friends via online. Throughout matches and tournaments, you have the opportunity to improve your athlete's skills.

In the game you will be able to participate in tournaments around the globe, in Australia, the United States and France, as you struggle to climb the rankings of the best virtual tennis players.

Players can personalize the athlete with equipment, such as rackets, and receive personalized training if they hire a coach. The coins collected from the winners must be invested to participate in more difficult tournaments, but with better prizes.

The game controls are intended to be intuitive and easy to learn, even if it takes time to become really good on tennis courts.

You can download Tennis Clash free on iOS and Android versions.

The Game of Life Vacations: Hasbro's famous game has a Portuguese flavor

Inspired by Hasbro's famous board game, this smartphone video game invites family and friends to spend their holidays on exotic beaches on volcanic islands.

The Portuguese team at Marmalade Game Studio has been reproducing several Hasbro board games to smartphones, including the Naval Battle, Cluedo and the original Game of Life version. It is exactly a spin off of the last one that has just arrived at the stores, with the subtitle Vacations and invites players for a vacation adventure, in board game format.

The game takes players to exotic beaches on volcanic islands, challenging them to build sand sculptures, diving, while competing against friends and family. To be able to collect unique memories and record the best moments in photographs. Players who keep more memories of the holidays score more points towards winning the game, so they will have to explore different paths on the island.

Game of Life Vacations features different characters to represent pedestrians on the board, among a family of surfers, a backpacker adventurer, traveling sisters, among others, who can travel around the island in a sports car, bicycle, motorcycle or bus.

The game allows you to play multiplayer online and offline for up to four players. The game costs 3.14 euros (on sale) on the Android version and 4.49 euros on iOS.

NBA LIVE Mobile brings American basketball stars to smartphones

Electronic Arts has a mobile version of its sports game, inviting players to form a team with the big names in the NBA.

Electronic Arts invites fans from the famous American basketball league, NBA, to build a team with the big stars of the sport. The portable version offers classic and current legendary players to recruit, as well as the teams and their equipment.

Legendary players have unique special abilities that motivate other teammates to perform eye-popping moves. And keep an eye on the real-life championship, as players receive bonuses inspired by the athletes' performance.

The game features career progression over several seasons, building a cohesive and powerful team to keep it at the top of the ranking. The game offers different NBA campaigns, introducing content weekly.

You can download NBA LIVE Mobilenas for iOS and Android free of charge.

Tasty Town: from the vegetable garden to the tables. Become a successful international chef

Whether in a caravan selling dogs or in a luxury restaurant, Tasty Town is a strategy game for those with a keen palate and an eye for business.

The proposal for smartphones Tasty Town invites players to develop their food business in different settings. Whether selling steaks in a caravan, serving pizzas in an Italian establishment or running a luxury restaurant, this game also invites players to create their raw materials for the best dishes, that is, ingredients grown directly from the garden.

The game offers different design options to create the restaurants, and it is possible to paint and furnish each room to receive more comforting hungry customers, eager to taste great flavors.

To be successful, you have to participate in a variety of mini-games and activities, such as quickly serving customers in a hurry. Obviously, those who look at the details will evaluate the aesthetics of the space, so they will have to have good taste in the choice of decorations. You can also hire chefs from different countries and cultures to create a diverse offer.

Other activities include delivery of products on the truck, holding parties in an event space for special rewards.

You can download Tasty Town for free on Android and iOS versions.