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Some construction workers are posting images of Apple Park on Snapchat

If not even us, we are following the works of the Apple Park from the beginning, we managed to contain our euphoria when seeing the construction from a distance, imagine who is seeing it up close!

Well, then, many Apple employees (mostly workers working on the construction site) surrendered to temptation and released images of the megalomaniac monument up close to the world, more specifically inside the ?spaceship?.

Apple Park on Snapchat

Discovered by Reddit users, the images were published on Snapchat and can only be seen by searching for ?Apple Park? in the search bar of the social network.

The maps feature within the network allows multiple people who are in the same place to add tag from that location to your snaps, which will make them appear in a ?playlist? for that location.

In some snaps, we noticed that the images are very bad, possibly because there is dust on the camera lens of the device. In others, people's faces appear, which can cause problems for these employees if Apple really cares about this type of unofficial disclosure.

As you can also see in the images, the campus works still seem far from finished. Even so, some employees have already started migrating to the new space and, unlike what we may think, a large part of them are quite dissatisfied.

Apple Park interiorApple Park interior

We already say that, in a matter of Wall Street Journal, many employees are concerned with productivity and privacy in the work environment, as the design of the new building forces them to stay in an open environment instead of offices, as they were used to.

This fact was reinforced even more in the last episode of The Talk Show, with John Gruber and Glenn Fleishman.

Judging by feedback private I received from some Apple employees, I am 100% sure that there will be a little friction over open floor plans; good employees will choose to leave because they don't want to work there.

In the 2h40 episode, Gruber recounted several conversations he had with Apple employees stating that they are very excited about the company's next releases, but probably will leave there simply because they do not suit the open work environment at Apple Park.

One of those dissatisfied people, Gruber said, was Vice President Johny Srouji. He was responsible for the A10, A11 chips and was so disgusted (with the right to swear) that he managed to obtain a building of his own outside the ?spaceship? for him and his team to work on.

Not all space, however, will be like this. Those with higher ranks such as vice presidents or higher will still be able to enjoy the calm and privacy of closed offices.

There are certainly advantages and disadvantages to working in an open environment. Anyone who loses focus easily is sure to suffer greatly.

It is always very difficult to accept changes and we know that the great monument has the finger of Steve Jobs, Jony Ive and a lot of incredible people. However, if this starts to generate unbearable employee dissatisfaction, Apple will have to take action to alleviate the problem.

via 9to5Mac, MacRumors