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Size is not a document: benchmarks for the new Mac mini show that the short one is “strung”

If your jaw dropped with the benchmark new MacBooks Air, better prepare to fall back with what the found out about Ma?s new mini-laptops.

New mini Macs on Geekbench

The entry model, Core i5 of 2.3GHz with two cores, presented a score 50% higher in Geekbench than the previous generation. The 2.7GHz Core i7 server model with four cores, however, has more than doubled.

Bearing in mind that both the Server and the traditional mini starkly lack an optical drive and that the Lion Server brings the complete iLife suite, unlike the Snow Leopard version, if money is not a problem, it can be a nice advantage to invest an extra for this model to see him as a top of the line would not be too much effort.

(via MacRumors)