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Rumors: “Apple Watch Series 3” will come with cellular connectivity (4G / LTE) and a completely new look

The possibility of Apple launching a Apple Watch with cellular connectivity, that is, depending less on the presence of an iPhone at the side to be able to perform various tasks, it has already been ventilated a few times. The last time we touched on the subject, however, we commented that the plans to implement something like this in 2016 (in the second generation of the clock) went down the drain, leaving the novelty for the third generation of the smartwatch, which should be launched now in the second semester of 2017.

Well guess what Bloomberg commented today! That's right, that the ?Apple Watch Series 3? (supposed name of the future watch) come with cellular connectivity. The idea, as I mentioned above, is simple: currently, Apple requires that the smartwatch be connected (via Bluetooth) to an iPhone to, for example, transmit music, download instructions on maps and send messages when we are on the street. Equipped with a 3G / 4G / LTE chip (not necessarily something available on all models, but at least on some), the new Apple Watches could perform many tasks without an iPhone at your fingertips.

According to the famous "people familiar with the matter", the person responsible for the manufacture of the modem would be Intel, which makes a lot of sense, taking into account the legal battle between Apple and Qualcomm.

Undoubtedly, an Apple Watch with such capacity could greatly expand the sales reach of the device, since users of other smartphones (Android, for example) could easily purchase an Apple Watch and use it without any problems. The only cons of an Apple Watch with such a feature would be two, in my view: 1. a possible higher battery consumption; and 2. the cost of a data plan to power that watch connectivity.

Alongside this news, John Gruber (from Daring Fireball) commented that the third generation of Apple Watch will also bring a new format, leaving aside the look presented by Apple in the first watch, in 2014, which was ?reused? in the second generation, launched in 2016.

In case this happens, we will hope that the mechanism for fitting the bracelet remains exactly the same, allowing users to use the bracelets that they already have in the new watches. ?

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