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Rumor: Apple may soon expand its MacBook line with a new 15-inch superfine model [atualizado]

Sources of MacRumors claim that Apple would be in the final stages of testing a new "superfine" 15-inch Mac notebook, whose line has not yet been specified.

Although new MacBooks Air have just come out of the oven, for me superfine Mac laptop synonymous with Air:

New 15-inch MacBook Air

On the other hand, there are two strong trends occurring across all Mac lines: the elimination of optical drives and the migration of hard drives (HDDs) to solid state drives (SSDs), which should also make MacBooks Pro thinner with the time.

At the end of April, the MacRumors corroborated information published in February by iLounge, who claim that the next generation of MBPs will have a major visual overhaul compared to the current one. Nothing sure, but maybe they will be updated by the end of this year.


O TUAW now claims to be hearing similar information, and bets that this will be an update on the MacBooks line Pro with a new superfine 17 inch model coming through, too. Renovated machines may be launched in time for Christmas.