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REVIEW: Warlords of New York is a good continuation for The Division 2

Warlords of New York is the experience that expands the action and strategy of The Division 2

In Tom Clancys The Division 2, the player takes on the role of a special government agent who needs to work with a team to restore order and the government in a United States devastated by a pandemic and civil war. It doesn't seem like an easy mission, does it? But believe me, Ubisoft did an incredible job of mixing an interesting storyline with frenzied gameplay that captures the player's attention with each shot of their rifle.

Now, the company promises to further expand the impressive world created in The Division 2 with the expansion Warlords of New York. As the name says, action now changes Washington D.C. to the heart of big Apple. With new weapons, new gameplay modes and a story worthy of a Hollywood movie, the expansion promises to attract even more players to this exciting adventure.

Main Viles of Warlords of New YorkReady to save the Big Apple from bio-terrorists in Warlords of New York?

Ubisoft provided Showmetech with a digital copy for PlayStation 4 of the base game The Division 2 and expansion Warlords of New York for testing and, after a few weeks of intense and adrenaline-filled gambling, we present you with a complete analysis of that additional content that made the great qualities of the game shine and showed that The Division 2 is an action game that players are looking for a good dose of adrenaline cannot be missed at all.

A metropolis in pieces

Thanks to Green Poison, a high mortality biological agent, New York now just a shadow of his glory days. The city is abandoned, with faces of mercenaries, terrorists and survivors fighting for control of the metropolis and the scarce resources it can offer. But even in such a hostile environment, the expanding Warlords of New York has a lot to offer the player.

Image of a devastated and wrecked New York streetNew York's environment destroyed by chemical weapons and impressive civil war

The expansion features some of The Division 2's best missions and paves the way for new seasonal multiplayer content. However, even with a diverse content and providing several hours of gameplay, Warlords of New York maintains the same flaws that made many players abandon the original game in the first weeks.

Warlords of New York takes players back to the heart of Manhattan, returning to the ambience of the first game in the series, where his main mission is to hunt down the terrorist Aaron Keener. The problem that reaching our villain is not an easy task, as he is surrounded by four lieutenants who are just as dangerous as he is. Their goal? Release a lethal biological agent more potent and deadly than Green Poison.

Aaron Keener and his army of terrorists and mercenariesAaron Keener is a fanatical bio-terrorist who aims to bring terror to a war-torn New York

Okay, but until there is not much news in it? We can admit that the well-structured plot and the fantastic ambience that Ubisoft created for an incredible post-apocalyptic New York, but otherwise it seems like a very cliché story. However, all this is nothing more than a backdrop for the main element that wins the player's interest: the frenetic hunt by Aaron Keener's lieutenants until he captures the chief terrorist.

"The expansion features some of The Division 2's best missions and paves the way for new season content"

It seems to be one of Ubisoft's trademarks in its games, but in Warlords of New York players also found a giant map of Manhattan covered in a mysterious fog that prevents them from seeing much around them. Call of Fog of War this visual barrier can only be removed when browsing and investing more locations on the map (just like in the Assassins Creed series games).

New York map covered by Fog of War is a fog that covers the city map while you do not progress in history

However, this fog is not a major obstacle for the player, since the GPS on the map always points him in the right direction of his next objective. In addition, the hunt for Keener has no special mechanics that differentiates it from a standard mission of The Division 2. The only special touch is that the player can choose the order he wants to attack each of Keener's 4 lieutenants, without worrying about leveling because the enemies now follow the player's level, keeping the whole experience of the game well balanced.

The Division 2.5

With a well-established goal from the beginning, Warlords of New York much better structured than the main campaign of The Division 2. Each of the lieutenants has a specific mission of varying duration. Once everyone is defeated, the final mission of the Keener hunt will become available. The problem with this exaggerated focus on the extra campaign is that it takes away any opportunity for the player to explore New York's devastated environment and the secrets it hides.

Cargo ship stranded in New York HarborEach mission takes the player to a different location in New York to explore

In expansion, New York is nothing more than a backdrop for the plot to unfold. Warlords of New York has such a heavy focus on missions that the city ends up being forgotten. The scenarios are much smaller and there is a constant feeling of claustrophobia (something we don't see in Washington D.C. in the main campaign). It is a pity that the city has been so neglected when there is a job so well done in the setting, making each corner of New York have a story that will never be told.

While the structure of each mission in the expansion does not present news, they are still very fun to do (although they are very familiar to what players have seen in The Division 2, at various times). However, it is the battles against the bosses that are the icing on the cake of Warlords of New York. These confrontations against each of Keener's lieutenants really make the player feel like they're playing The Division 2.5.

?In the expansion, New York is nothing more than a backdrop for the plot to develop?

Each of these matches has a unique set of mechanics, in addition to rewarding teamwork with other players. That last feature was something that was lacking in the original game, when the multiplayer experience seemed to hinder great fighting as the game did not know how to deal with the varied actions of different players. Now, you need to coordinate with your team of friends or other players to defeat the bosses, as trying to slaughter them on your own is practically suicide.

Player planning the attack against three enemiesIn Warlords of New York, more than ever, the soul of combat was

By defeating each of Keener's lieutenants, the player will receive a new skill in the form of a Division technology that you can customize to your preference. All skills are a collection of offensive and defensive tools that have, among other items, a shock trap, a plastic and fire bomb and the most interesting item of all: a holographic projection of yours that you can use to distract your enemies. The diversity lies in the different possibilities that exist to combine these items to achieve your goals.

Warlords of New York: an optional expansion

The expansion of Warlords of New York is far from revitalizing the original game, something evident that the producers had in mind for The Division 2. The extra content has a great campaign, but it does not present any content that the players of the series do not already know. The equipment was completely modified (both in terms of the attributes of each object and how they are displayed in the inventory) and now the attributes can be added to another type of equipment, if the player wishes.

Soldier using a flame-wool to burn bodiesYou will encounter enemies with the most different types of weapons, so be prepared

In addition, the expansion improved some features of the Dark Zone (the game's multiplayer arena) to encourage more gameplay in style PvP (Player vs Player) with experience bonuses that yield points that the player can spend to improve his personal attributes. The problem is that none of these new features makes Warlords of New York's multiplayer more attractive than the original mode in The Division 2. How to play the same game, only with a few more adornments.

Perhaps the greatest contribution of Warlords of New York to the game is the addition of season content. Just like other multiplayer games do (Destiny 2, Overwatch, Diablo 3, among others), The Division 2 offers specific periods when players can get more experience in multiplayer matches. Likewise, the game will also receive seasonal hunts in the same style as those present in the expansion. There were not many new games that we managed to play, but it was definitely more exciting to fight other players and work as a team when there was more reward at stake.

Player in front of historic New York buildingEvery corner of New York tells a story, even if the game doesn't matter.

In short, Warlords of New York try to sell The Division 2 like an action game with a dense and engaging plot. However, even with the incredible post-apocalyptic atmosphere of New York, the game still falls into the territory of the cliché. The high risk that, like me, the player will lose interest in the expansion as soon as Keener is captured in the final mission.

"How to play the original game, but with a few more" decorations "

The action, the multiplayer and the elements of strategy were taken to a higher level in the expansion and, if it was a reformulation of the original recipe that generated such good results, it is the suggestion that Ubisoft is more concerned with transforming The Division into a purely franchise action and fighting than trying to create an Oscar-worthy story.

Are you a reader, enjoy The Division 2 and want to experience the expansion of Warlords of New York? Leave your opinion in the comments!

The Division 2: Warlords of New York

7.5 / 10


Warlords of New York satisfactorily expands the content of The Division 2 and solidifies the mechanics of the original game. Even without bringing many relevant additions to the game, the additional content brings multiplayer campaigns for the season that make team matches and with other players more exciting and rewarding.


  • Amazing New York ambiance
  • Interesting and challenging misses
  • Season multiplayer content


  • Few secondary missions
  • Clich history