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Recent updates on the App Store: WWDC, Gmail, Chrome, GarageBand and more!

Below is a selection of some featured apps and / or games that were recently updated on App Store or on Mac App Store.

Today we have:


Apple Developer app icon

New filters to show only downloaded videos or only unviewed videos, support for 3D Touch (Peek and Pop) on session lists, Dark Mode support on tvOS, fixes a flaw that could occur in the update when paired with the Apple Watch and several flaws reported by users.

Gmail app icon: Google email

Choose your favorite browser (Safari or Google Chrome) to open links (under "Settings"), edit quoted content when replying to a message, copy / paste formatted content when writing a message, select multiple messages (touch the profile picture sender's name or the icon next to the messages) and mark it as read / unread (select the message and touch the ?Open / closed envelope? icon).

Google Chrome app icon

Swipe down or right on the iOS home screen to search. Searching by "voice" or "anonymous" allows you to start Chrome in Voice Search mode or a new anonymous tab, respectively. The display of items in Spotlight search only works on devices compatible with Spotlight actions.

Following several requests, the folder called ?All favorites? has been removed from the favorites view. You can access all the favorites from your other devices by clicking on the other folders.

Google app icon

Get one Doodle surprise birthday on your special day. You need to be logged in to see it.

Google Street View app icon

Test an easy way to associate your photos, use the ?Contribute? tab to find places close to you that don't yet have 360 ??photos, find out which photos are most viewed (and more) in our new statistics panel, many improvements in the interface and bug fixes.

App icon Streets App

Show pin addresses if the panorama is not available, allows pins without panorama available to be favorites, improved low-resolution icons for iPad 2 and iPad mini, greater location button reliability, greater stability / performance and corrections.

Microsoft Outlook app icon

You can now create and edit recurring events directly from the app; improvements in the way emails with a very small font are displayed in the application; now the app shows the search results through conversation and not as individual results; support for Wallet files.

Telegram Messenger app icon

Pin important conversations at the top of the list, so you don?t miss any new messages (swipe left in a conversation, then tap the Pin button); associate your Telegram account with hundreds of services like Twitter, Instagram, Spotify, Gmail, Pocket, Pinterest, Nest, Philips Hue and many others; control apps and devices via Telegram, or receive messages when something happens somewhere; talk to bot ?If This Then That? (@IFTTT) to define its integrations.

Periscope app icon

If someone you know joins a broadcast you're watching, you'll see their profile picture at the bottom of the screen; some improvements in the transmission sharing sheet (it is now ordered by the most common sharing actions and has a new option to share using the standard iOS spreadsheet); when you access your profile, groups are the main point.

IFTTT app icon



Version 4.8.0 (79.4 MB) Requires iOS 10.0 or superior

Telegram is now at IFTTT! Explore yours Applets or create your own! There is now a sharing extension so you can easily add content to your widgets DO Note; a tap on the bottom bar of the Applet show all the triggers and actions he uses; the app now uses Swift 3 if you know what that is, you should also know that they are hiring iOS developers, find out more here.

Super Mario Run Stickers app icon

New stickers were added.

Adobe Lightroom app icon: Edit Photos

Simplified interface with professional level control, redesigned capture (your phone and Lightroom are now your DSLR camera), additional camera support (see full list here), new Information section, easily add titles, captions and copyrights to your images directly on your iPhone, in addition to bug fixes and speed improvements.

Adobe Lightroom for iPad app icon

Redesigned capture (your iPad and Lightroom are now your DSLR camera). additional camera support (see the full list here), in addition to bug fixes and speed improvements.

Uber app icon

Uber relies on location services to ensure safe and accurate routes. In this latest version of the application, you will now be asked to allow the collection of location information from the moment you request a route up to five minutes after completion. This helps to identify the best points of departure and end of a journey and helps customer service if you need to get in touch about a trip. To find out / customize which location information is shared, open the device settings.

WordPress app icon

New iPad layout for the "My Sites" and "Me" tab (the others will be updated soon), in addition to several improvements.

IMDb Cinema & TV app icon

Improved search results; cast and crew listings can now be sorted by name; the iMessage application sends formatted messages in a better way and when touching a message it shows more details; now the app for iMessage also allows you to send the movie showing the session times, the summary and a link to the trailer.

Medium app icon

Now you can follow posts directly from your home screen, by tapping on a notification about a post, the user is now taken to it instead of going to the home screen.

Shortcuts app icon


in Apple

Version 2.2.2 (142.8 MB) Requires iOS 12.0 or superior

New ?Recently Added? section so you can explore the newest and newest workflows.

Sorry, app not found.

Added editing of TextBundle files in Dropbox, importing TextBundle and TextPack files, in addition to reading time target.

Nubank app icon

You can prepay your installments directly through the Nubank app and still get a discount for that. Nubank's exclusive feature and everything is explained right here. In addition, new satisfaction survey and general improvements to the app code.

GoPro app icon

Sign in or register a GoPro account with your Facebook account.

ProCam 7 app icon

Lens change on iPhone 7 Plus is now supported in video mode.

Box app icon - Cloud Content Management

Totally renewed interface, optimized for faster and easier use; entirely new file and folder interactions, including the option to swipe left or right for offline and sharing actions, and swipe down to discard viewing files; new synchronization functionality, allowing your offline content to be updated automatically when you open the application; including the extensive Box Share, a new way to upload your content to Box from other applications.

QuickeR app icon!

IPad version, iCloud sync, reminder snooze, new quick reminder (with tags and snooze), new exclusive wallpapers, phone links and websites in notes and reminders, new screen for recurring reminders and correction of bugs.

Dubsmash - Videos & Music app icon

Special filters to leave your Dubs more colorful! just touch the filter button on the edit screen and choose the filter you want.

Temple Run 2 app icon

Christmas update (run with Santa Claus and more).

Jetpack Joyride app icon

Christmas theme, which include: sleigh, extra slot for gadgets and more.

Sorry, app not found.

Seven years anniversary! Play 15 new levels in the episode Birthday Party; 3 new stickers to collect; The Power League it's better.

Sorry, app not found.

ditto the previous one, in verse for iPad.

Sorry, app not found.

Keep an eye out for special limited-time offers on selected items, more options to help you stay behind, minor fixes and improvements to the kart upgrades system, and streamlined tournaments.

Clumsy Ninja app icon

Exclusive festive costumes (complete three limited-time Festive Events to win exclusive costumes).

Doodle Jump app icon - Insanely Good!

Double rewards for completed missions and new animated Santa stickers (iMessage).

Doodle Jump app icon

Same as the previous one.

Doodle Jump HD app icon: Insanely Good!

Same as the previous one, in verse for iPad.

Doodle Jump HD app icon

Same as the previous one, in verse for iPad.


GarageBand app icon

Stability improvements and bug fixes.

Telegram app icon

Pin important conversations at the top of the list, so you don?t miss any new messages.

PDF Expert app icon - Edit PDFs

Reduction of file size; now you can compress that your contract, book or PDF search that are big and heavy in a compact document, easy to share even by email; Split View mode; open two PDFs on the same screen to work more easily on both, which is great for you to translate texts, write your dissertation, compare renovation plans and finalize contracts, for example; Touch Bar support; keep your focus on content in full screen and enjoy the editing power at your fingertips.

Fantastical app icon - Calendar & Tasks

Greater reliability when synchronizing Office 365 accounts; pressing the keys (Option) and (Shift) when checking a calendar (when managing a set of calendars), all will be deactivated, except the marked calendar (this facilitates the creation of a set of calendars with only one of them).

Sorry, app not found.

Support for Touch Bar, tabs for windows in macOS Sierra 10.12, importing TextBundle and TextPack files, editing TextBundle files in external folders, support importing Evernote notes, support for X-Callback URLs and reading time target.